Client Project Highlights
EI Dupont
Martinsville, Virginia
DuPont Martinsville

* Complete demolition of 1.3 million square foot nylon polymer production site.
* Removal of 1,507 tons of acm.
* Removal of all environmental hazards, including oils, mercury & ballasts.
* Successfully dropped a 50-ton water tower between two operating buildings.
* Worked over 159,000 man  ... more >>
Cincinnati, Ohio
Fernald Plant 5 Complex D&D

* Decontamination and free release of 60,000 sf uranium metals production plant, which generated over 2,000 ton of scrap steel.
* Demolition of Plant 5, including the segregation of all waste streams, and loading for shipment the following: RAD contaminated PCB oils, Capacitors, oils, green salt,  ... more >>
General Motors Corp.
Tonawanda, New York
GM Foundry

* Performed 90% of contract utilizing own forces.
* 60,952 Man-hours performed without a lost time accident.
* Completed 300,000 square feet foundry demolition within 60 days.
* Performed demolition operations in supplied air,
due to PCB and heavy metal contamination.
* Decontaminated over  ... more >>
City of Beaumont
Beaumont, Texas
Hotel Implosion

* Prepared 13-story hotel building for implosion by drilling over 750 holes into reinforced concrete holes.
* 336 pounds of explosives was placed and the building was demolished within 7 seconds.
* Coordinated and implemented the Project Safety Implosion Plan with city, police and fire  ... more >>
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