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Yankee Rowe

  • Contracted by Yankee Atomic Electric Company to provide complete decommissioning & demolition services of the Yankee Rowe Atomic Power Station, located in Rowe, Massachusetts. The 600-megawatt, pressurized-water reactor and plant support structures, constructed in 1960, was the third nuclear power plant built in the United States. The Yankee Rowe Power station was the only NRC reactor unit constructed completely above ground and operated for 32 years.
  • Two year accelerated scope of work included: project controls, characterization of all wastes, the decontamination and demolition of all above grade structures, creation of new storage, staging and parking areas, waste size reduction, loading, transportation & offsite disposal of all wastes, and site restoration. The decontamination and demolition of all 27 above ground structures will produce approximately 70,000,000 pounds of waste, of which 50,000,000 pounds will be shipped as Low Level Waste to Envirocare of Utah.
  • DEMCO successfully performed the complex task of removing the elevated steel vapor container coated in PCB paint. The removal of this 225-foot high steel vapor container (VC) was difficult not only due to the height, but also the shape of the sphere. The globe, or sphere, prohibited the use of scaffolding for safe access to the structure, thus access was only available through the use of cranes and equipment with man baskets. In addition, the difficulty of the VC removal was magnified by the need to remove the PCB containing paint coating on the VC, prior to any “hot work” being performed on the VC dome, as required by the US EPA (40CFR 761). DEMCO, in conjunction with the owner YAEC, petitioned the US EPA to provide a variance for “hot work”, or torch cutting work, to be permitted on the upper portion of the VC to expose the reactor core.
  • DEMCO was required to collect, manage and treat approximately 2,000,000 gallons of groundwater during the contaminated radioactive soil removal project surrounding the demolition of the Spent Fuel Pool. DEMCO collected all ground water utilizing pumps and well points for storage within 20,000 gallon holding tanks; performed sampling and analysis; treatment through a resin bed system for the removal of heavy metals and PCB’s; and final treatment through an evaporator system for the removal of radioactive contaminates. Prior to final discharge; all treated liquids underwent final confirmatory sampling by 2 NRC approval laboratories.
  • Approximately 95,000 square feet of radioactive transite, galbestos and roofing materials were successfully removed.

  • Complete demolition of the Turbine Building was performed as asbestos containing waste, due to all painted surfaces within the structure containing ACM. All Federal, state and local variances for this work were designed and negotiated by DEMCO with all agencies.
  • Removed approximately 45,000 square feet of PCB paint, with PCB content of as great as 5000 ppm, from various concrete surfaces by employing ultra high water pressure (UHP) equipped with a vacuum recovery system.
  • Demolished over 50,000 square feet of structures at the site with all structures being demolished, packaged, transported and disposed of as radioactive wastes. Structures included, Turbine Building, Services Building, Radwaste Warehouse, Spent Fuel Pool, PCA 1&2, Waste Compactor Building, Vapor Container (VC) and the Reactor Support Structure (RSS), which contained approximately 8,500 Cubic Yards of concrete.
  • Demolition operations included; sizing; segregation; packaging; transportation; and disposal of approximately 50,000,000 pounds of radioactive debris to Envirocare of Utah.

  • Removed, through demolition operations, approximately 2,800 tons of structural steel, equipment and miscellaneous components. Highlighting this task was the removal of 1,700 tons of low level radioactive 1” thick plate steel, performed under specially designed critical lifting plans.
  • Removed stainless steel Spent Fuel Pool Liner utilizing lance cutting and robotics, to minimize the exposure of workers to radiation. Portions of the liner materials were packaged, transported and disposed of as high level radioactive materials.
  • Surface decontamination for ACM, PCB, radioactive materials was performed on from various surfaces. The technologies utilized included utra-high water pressure with vacuum recovery, enclosed mechanical scarification (needle gun) or open air scarification (needle gun w/ vac attachment).
  • DEMCO’s Management Team provided direct management, coordination, integrated planning & execution of work. In addition, DEMCO was required to manage over 75 on-site craft personnel, performing multiple tasks on site each day. The result of this direct management was that construction milestones and schedules were met.