Fernald Plant 5 Complex D&D
Owner DOE/MACTEC, Inc.
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Duration May 1999 - February 2001
Value $3,500,000
Highlight Decontamination and Demolition of Uranium Metals Production Plant
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  Item Description
  * Decontamination and free release of 60,000 sf uranium metals production plant, which generated over 2,000 ton of scrap steel.
* Demolition of Plant 5, including the segregation of all waste streams, and loading for shipment the following: RAD contaminated PCB oils, Capacitors, oils, green salt, magnesium floride, and black oxides.
* Decontamination, size reduction and loading for shipment approximately 1,000 tons of radiological contaminated process equipment.
* Abatement, packaging and loading for shipment over 5,000 sf of RAD contaminated, asbestos containing insulation and amosite contaminated wallboard panels.
* Removal, packaging and loading for shipment approximately 135,000 sf of RAD contaminated transite roofing and siding.
* Collection and filtration of high-pressure wash down water from RAD decontamination process and pumped water to temporary collection tank for testing.
* Development and implementation of site specific Work Plans, Health & Safety Plan, Hazard Assessment Plan, Asbestos Abatement Plan and Rigging and Lifting Plans.
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