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McGuire Nuclear Steam Generator Retirement

  • DEMCO was contracted to perform the welding, thermal cutting & segmentation of eight steam generators at McGuire Nuclear Station in preparation for offsite shipment to a disposal facility.
  • Project activities are concentrated into 5 major categories:
    1) Mechanical Cutting operations include the use of equipment to perform the severing of the Steam Generator Lower Assembly (SGLA) from the Steam Generator Upper Assembly (SGUA).
    2) Preheat activities include the use of induction heating methods to preheat the SGLA to achieve a minimum temperature of 300 degrees Farenheit at the cut edge of the SGLA and closure plate for welding operations to be completed.
    3) Welding operations include the weld of the closure plate for the cut end of the SGLA, installation of shear keys to SGLA, and closure tabs to the SGLA ports. This operation is in preparation to make the SGLA ready for certification and as a DOT approved shipping container that can be transported via rail to Clive, Utah for disposal.
    4) Thermal Cutting & Segmentation operations include the use of oxyacetylele cutting torches and equipment to segment and size reduce the internal and external elements of the SGUA. The pieces are to be loaded to railcars for shipment for disposal in Clive, Utah.
    5) Rigging & Heavy Hauling/Lifting activities include movement of Steam Generators in and out of SGRF for welding and cutting operations to be performed, movement of SGLA to rail for shipment, rigging & loading of segmentations of SGUA, and support of onsite equipment movements.