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Molsons Brewery Demolition

  • Contracted to perform the abatement and demolition of the Molson Brewery, Edmonton, Alberta site, under stringent guidelines and work practices to ensure public safety and awareness, due to the fact that the facility is located in a residential neighborhood.
  • Work crews overcame many on-site hazards including, feces contamination, cold stress and modified work procedures to work in temperatures that exceeded -30 Celsius.
  • Site-specific Fall Protection Plan was developed and implemented to allow crews to access the ACM and hazardous materials.
  • Phase 1 of this project included the removal and disposal of over 15,000 m3 of hydrocarbon contaminated soil, and the site-wide removal of all hazardous materials including:
    PCB Ballasts
    Mercury Bulbs
    Caustic Acid
    Aerosol Products
    Sulfuric Acid

  • Additionally, the following ACM materials were safely removed from site:
    75,000 SF Vermiculite Insulation
    120,000 SF Drywall
    1,600 Mechanical Pipe Fittings & Elbows
    500 SF Transite Wall Panels
    32,000 SF Textured Wall Plaster
    75,000 SF Cork Wall & Ceiling Insulation
    1,000 SF Floor Tile

  • Crews performed select internal strip out of piping and components to facilitate the safe removal of ACM material.
  • Demolished and removed debris from the following 70 Isle Tank Farm, Spent Grain Tank/Storage facility and the Molson Retail Store/Sales Boutique.
  • Phase 2 of the Molson project required DEMCO to perform full site demolition of all remaining plant buildings.
  • Preservation of the Heritage Building A and the Learning Center Building, which were pre-1945 structures, and are deemed historic. These buildings were to remain intact, and be protected throughout all demolition activities. These buildings shared common walls with structures to be torn down, so engineering and building separation plans were developed and implemented.
  • Remediation of contaminated soil found under the footprint of the demolished structures.