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St. Lucie Nuclear Generating Station

  • DEMCO provided support to the Turbine Services Group on various projects at the facility.
  • DEMCO team members were an important part of the system wide FPL Engineered Power Uprate Program.
  • DEMCO provided and coordinated the planning, scheduling, and project control activities at the site for this paramount program that is designed to increase the productivity and capacity of the existing generating units.
  • DEMCO also provided instrument and control technicians and supervisors for critical outage-related activities.
  • The DEMCO I&C “SWAT Team” mobilized within hours of the site request to work through and close out crucial work packages as the scheduled outage window was rapidly closing. This rapid response and stellar performance allowed FPL to achieve the unit restart without costly delays.
  • DEMCO's onsite personnel were integral in assuring that all scheduled tasks were accomplished within the outage duration.
  • The scope was completed safely and without incident.

• St. Lucie Nuclear Generating Station is a member of the Florida Power and Light Nuclear Fleet. It is a two unit facility that generates over 1600 megawats of power to users in the Southeast United States.