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Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Station

  • Construction of twenty five foot high containment tent, which will be utilized as a control point for Rad surveys and access to the reactor core.
  • Lead abatement on polar crane, in strategic locations, to allow for hot cutting on structural steel.
  • Construction and maintenance of negative pressure HEPA filtration system within the containment.
  • Demolition of Rad contaminated reinforced concrete Interior Reactor Support Structure, from 67 foot above grade to 30 foot below grade.
  • Demolition and removal of remaining reactor coolant piping.
  • Demolition of stainless steel lining in the reactor (refuel) cavity.
  • Demolition of structural support steel.

  • Demolition of reactor building polar crane, trolley, girders and crane rail.
  • Packaging and shipping debris, in rail cars, for shipment to Energy Solutions in Utah, including 34,541,000 pounds of crushed concrete from the reactor building.