D&D of 779 Cluster Plutonium Storage & Process
Owner DOE/Kaiser-Hill LLC
Location Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site
Duration July 1999 - February 2000
Value $1,500,000
Highlight The First Major Plutonium Demolition in the United States
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  Item Description
  DEMCO successfully performed decontamination operations and safely demolished the 50,000 square foot, 2-story plutonium production building, along with its various smaller support buildings. DEMCO sorted, segregated, sized and transported, on-site, over 200 ton of RAD contaminated debris genertated by the demolition operations.

Under this contract, DEMCO successully :

* Demolished 50,000 square feet, 2-story plutonium production building, and various smaller support utility buildings, which produced approximately 5,888 cubic yards of concrete and debris.
* Cleaned & HEPA vacuumed RAD contaminated dust on inside building surfaces.
* Handled, sorted, segregated, sized and transported, on-site, RAD contaminated debris generated by the demolition operations.
* Managed waste streams for proper disposal.
* Loaded 200 ton of RAD contaminated structural steel into SCO (Surface Contaminated Objects) # 5001 boxes.
* Loaded wooden waste crates with RAD contaminated concrete block walls.
* Designed and implemented Fugitive Dust Control Plan and Storm Water Run Off Plan for all phases of project.
* Developed and implemented Site Specific Health & Safety Plan, Work Plans, Hazard Assessment Plan and Accelerated Schedule Work Plan (5-Day Crunch).
* Proposed and performed unique method to mechanically shear RAD contaminated building components and load into RSDF containers. This procedure reduced workers exposure and dramatically reduced the schedule and costs over previous methods employed on-site by previous contractors.
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