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Witherspoon Site

  • The 901 David Witherspoon Site, a Tennessee Superfund Site, was utilized over a 40-year period for the processing of scrap metals contaminated with radioisotopes, asbestos, and various chemical dioxins.
  • Characterization, sampling, abatement, radiologically survey, decontamination, demolition, segregate, packaging, treat to meet the waste acceptance criteria (WAC) of the selected disposal facilities, and safely transporting, for permanent disposal, all wastes generated from the demolition of buildings and removal of debris.
  • All work is being performed under CRCLA.
  • Characterization, stabilization and disposal of over 200 drums of unidentified waste.
  • Performance of radiological surveys for release disposal.
  • Decontamination and demolition of 10 radiologically contaminated buildings, which also are contaminated with asbestos, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds.
  • Characterization of over 32 radiologically contaminated debris piles, totaling over 9,500 yards of debris.
  • Treatment of 2,000 yards RCRA/TSCA waste.