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Former Consolidated Edison Building Demolition

  • Performed hand demolition of 6-story – 155,000 square foot building, no mechanical demolition allowed on structure.
  • Engineered and performed over 500 lifts comprised of 8’ x 22’ flooring sections, which were lowered to the ground by a 150’ hydraulic crane and placed on trailers for off site salvage.
  • Salvaged over 430,000 board feet of Long Leaf Yellow Pine.
  • Hand chipped all exterior and interior masonry walls, 18” to 30 “in depth, utilizing chipping guns. All work was performed on scaffolding, which was erected around entire building and specialty fabric was hung on the outside of the scaffolding to protect the surrounding area from debris.
  • Utilized hydraulic crane to remove two 7,500 gallon tanks from the roof.
  • Demolished two 84’ high brick boiler stacks.
  • Development and implementation of safety plans and procedures for all onsite subcontractors.