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GM Foundry

  • Performed 90% of contract utilizing own forces.
  • 60,952 Man-hours performed without a lost time accident.
  • Completed 300,000 square feet foundry demolition within 60 days.
  • Performed demolition operations in supplied air, due to PCB and heavy metal contamination.
  • Decontaminated over 150 tons of steel.
  • Shipped over 750 railcars of PCB contaminated soils & waste.
  • Implemented water management controls of over 1.5 million gallons of PCB contaminated water.
  • Placed over 75,000 cubic yards of controlled low-density flow fill (fly ash-concrete).
  • All work performed within working production facility without interruption of work.
  • Maintained production schedule to ensure that following contractors could build the 150,000 square foot facility within their original schedules.
  • Completed foundry abatement, prior to facility demolition.
  • Abatement work performed under hazardous and non-hazardous conditions.
  • Over 25,000 linear feet of pipe insulation was removed from heights up to 110 feet.
  • Removal methods for this pipe insulation included full containment, tent, glove bag and wrap & cut procedures.
  • Slings, cranes, manlifts, scaffolding and scissor-lifts were utilized to access and remove the ACM.
  • Abated over 15,000 square feet of transite, galbestos and Thermal System Insulation (TSI) from walls, ceilings, roofs and equipment.
  • Work was performed under Site Specific Variances issued by New York State Department of Labor and in adherence with Code Rule 56.